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Mastering prices are a factor to consider when choosing a mastering studio. As a mastering engineer myself I have chosen to operate my studio at a price point lower than my competition. Personally I feel this is appropriate in the current music industry climate as a way of offering great value to musicians, producers and record labels.Additionally at the rates I have chosen there is no compromise to the quality of work I can produce. This is evident in the free preview that I offer for new clients. Mastering prices can be decided upon by a studio using a number of different factors. More expensive mastering studios may base their mastering prices on studio rent, studio decor, maintenance, named engineer and if they perceive themselves to be better than competition. In some cases higher rates are completely unjustified and this is easy to test. As a potential client you should do your research and look at the various mastering rates on offer.

When you are looking for mastering, you can find out and see if more costly mastering studios are better or not by comparing a preview master from myself and them. This is the sure fire way to find out. I think you will be pleasantly surprised when you hear the quality of the results versus the mastering rates. There is only 1 way to find out.

You may send 1 track for a free mastering sample to safeandsound123atgooglemail.com (at being an @ symbol) using www.wetransfer.com Please send the full track and ensure it is a .wav file or an .aiff file, it must be the final mixdown. Please do not send mp3's, Ogg Vorbis, M4u, real media or other compressed file formats. 24 bit resolution is preferred.

For the mastering rates I currently offer you receive the following :

Your tracks professionally mastered by Barry Gardner a highly experienced engineer who has been working full time in the professional audio industry for 10 years and semi professionally for 12 years prior. An engineer who has record many well known professional musicians for BBC broadcasts and been involved in the vast majority of professional audio engineering disciplines. (direct to stereo recording, multitrack recording, live gig recording, mixing, audio post production, broadcast)

Mastering reference loudspeakers = PMC IB1's, large format speakers, not mini monitors.Speakers that truly present the scale of music and relate to how it will sound on larger sound systems. Just search the web for PMB IB1 and you will see these are superb loudspeakers.

Acoustically treated room with no less than 12 large size, floor to ceiling, ceiling to wall and floor to wall bass traps, critical for accurate monitoring and translation to many types of reproduction system. Also installed are a ceiling cloud, side wall absorbers and the studio is arranged as to avoid any obstruction between ear to loudspeaker paths. greatly minimizing comb filtering and reflections influence on the music being monitored.An excellent acoustic in a studio cannot be underestimated it is critically important and effects all decision making during mastering.

High end audio equipment, Summit DCL-200 valve compressor, custom built analogue equalizer based on classic mastering circuits, customized analogue equalizer utilizing Telefunken valves/tubes and Carnhill (NEVE) transformers.

Ear selected plug in software, many, many software plug ins have been rejected and only the creme de le creme are used in mastering at SafeandSound Mastering.

High end 120dB dynamic range DAC and ADC, customized with audiophile operational amplifiers in the analogue stages. Absolute transparency for analogue playback and capture.

If you are proceeding with the mastering work I am happy to offer mix feedback and advice so you can tweak your mixdown before mastering.

Mastering pricing / mastering rates :

Single Track £28.00
Two Tracks £50.00
Three tracks £70.00
Four Tracks £85.00

Stem mastering £40.00
Album mastering up to 15 tracks £210.00
CD-R pre masters x 2 (one master and 1 back up ) £20.00
Special delivery £5.90 (at cost)

No vat to add to any pricing.

These rates are also very attractive in both € and USD.  
Visit the main SafeandSound Mastering website here :

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